Kodachrome Basin Cabins

Kodachrome Basin Cabins are located near Bryce Canyon by the town of Cannonville, Utah. Our comfortable, deluxe cabins have two double beds, a fridge and microwave and a coffee maker as well as a full bathroom. Each cabin also has it's own barbeque. There are many scenic areas including many massive sandstone chimneys that are found nowhere else in the world. Numerous cliffs, hoodoos and coves in every color of the rainbow offer a glimpse of the unique desert beauty found in this area. Activities include hiking, horseback riding, ATV trails, biking and excellent opportunities for photography. Kodachrome Basin Park is nine miles south of SR-12 near Cannonville, Utah.
For updated information regarding facilities, contact the park:
Kodachrome Basin State Park
P.O. Box 238
Cannonville, Utah 84718-0238
(435) 679-8562


kent kauffman said...

I love these cabins! I've stayed there several times with small groups and it's always hard to leave! Highly recommend!
Kent Kauffman, Bozeman, Montana

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brycecountrycabins said...

It is truly a breathtaking place to visit.. your pics are beautiful!

Bryce Cabins